Play time

What happens during our inside sessions?

As young children love the security of the familiar the sessions generally follow the same pattern and rhythm each week. During the session the children have time to play and socialise; imagination and creativity are nurtured through free play with simple toys and natural materials within the room and outside space. Meaningful activities are offered for parents and children to engage in at their free-will; baking organic bread, making seasonal crafts or preparing for a seasonal festival.


The group benefits from its own outdoor space and makes use of Corsehill Gardens, on the last session of the month, for exploration and seasonal activities and festivals. A healthy and organic snack is shared together to encourage social skills. At the end of each session children are encouraged to help tidy up the toys before ring time where we enjoy familiar songs, stories and story time.

Play time

What happens during our outside sessions?

In many respects outside play is the easiest entertainment for parents to provide their children: no toys to buy; no storing; no tidying up. The natural world provides all the creative stimulation and resources required to have fun and learn.


The Outside sessions follow a simple rhythm each time including free play, organic snack (cooked on our campfire) songs and storytelling. This gives the children a sense of security and allowing confidence and skills to build naturally. During some of our sessions, dedicate time to managing our garden patch, kindly provided by South Ayrshire Council. We also enjoy seasonal nature activities and these are a fabulous opportunity for the children to explore the world around them, learning by experience. We hope, parents will also gain new skills through these activities as we encourage everyone to join in. 

Children love the chance to actively engage with their senses: from the textures of bark to the colours of the flowers and songs of the birds. As they become familiar with Corsehill, and grow in confidence, they will be happy to wander and explore, thriving on the freedom of imaginative play.

Download our Little Acorns Outside Map for more information about what to wear, where to meet and what to expect. 

Download our Little Acorns Outside Map here:

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